Every year millions of people from all over the world visit Canada. Getting a Visit Visa to Canada is a great way to tour this great country and meet family and friends. Whether you are looking to visit your family in Canada for leisure purposes or if you are a tourist planning a visit to explore the country, a regulated Canadian immigration consultant can help you obtain the necessary documentation you need to visit Canada.

A Canadian tourist visa or visitor visa is befittingly known as Canada Temporary Resident Visa (Canada TRV). You require a Canada TRV in case you are from a visa REQUIRED nationality.

Canadian tourist visas can be applied either digitally or by mailing a Paper application to the ministry.

Visit Visa Canada

Validity of Canada tourist visa

Canadian tourist visas are generally issued for 10 years or until the termination of your current passport.

How long can one stay in Canada on a tourist/visitor visa?

One can stay in Canada for at least 6 months or before your passport expires, which comes first. Sometimes, the immigration officers at the airport pen an exit date on your entry stamp. This exit date can be no more than 6 months. You must exit Canada enclosed by the exit date.

Who requires a Canadian tourist Visa?

Foreign nationals who would cherish visiting Canada for:

  • Leisure and travel purposes
  • Meeting family, friends, or relatives
  • Professional purposes

All the above categories require having a tourist visa to enter Canada. This is a kind of temporary resident visa (TRV).

Minimum Requirements for a Canada Visitor Visa

The requirements for a Canada tourist visa for an applicant:

  • Should have a passport
  • Essential to have good health
  • Essential to have no criminal case/record
  • You should have enough funds to back your stay in Canada
  • Essential to offer the travel itinerary and to and from flight tickets
  • Essential to show proof of job, family, and commercial assets

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